Hello World! Almost…


I’m actively searching for my dream home: a converted school bus (short bus) that I plan to travel the continent in. I love the thought of seeing North America in minute detail… I just don’t like to leave home. I seem to have a 2-day travel expiration, and then I just kind of… unravel.

I’m hoping I’ll prove that I can see the world without leaving home, so to speak.

Currently, I live in a one(ish)-room attic apartment. There’s a teeny-tiny extra little room that I call my sewing-room, even though I don’t really sew anymore. The cats have taken that room over, pretty much.

I have a closet-sized bathroom and a tiny kitchenette and a weeeeee small balcony, upon which I’ve jiggered up a winter greenhouse.

I am “smallering” in preparation for this journey, and I really like it.

ETA for the beginning of my travels…? Haven’t got a clue yet.

Step 1: Get me a bus. 😀