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You may well wonder why you arrived here. “Here” is the real-time record of the building of my “Dream Life”. Once I’ve arrived there, I plan on living it while building the next one… Feel free to look around.

If you were trying to reach The Les Becker Online site, and got sent here instead, please click on the link to take you there.

Sorry for the confusion.

Hello World! Almost…


I’m actively searching for my dream home: a converted school bus (short bus) that I plan to travel the continent in. I love the thought of seeing North America in minute detail… I just don’t like to leave home. I seem to have a 2-day travel expiration, and then I just kind of… unravel.

I’m hoping I’ll prove that I can see the world without leaving home, so to speak.

Currently, I live in a one(ish)-room attic apartment. There’s a teeny-tiny extra little room that I call my sewing-room, even though I don’t really sew anymore. The cats have taken that room over, pretty much.

I have a closet-sized bathroom and a tiny kitchenette and a weeeeee small balcony, upon which I’ve jiggered up a winter greenhouse.

I am “smallering” in preparation for this journey, and I really like it.

ETA for the beginning of my travels…? Haven’t got a clue yet.

Step 1: Get me a bus. 😀